We are a group of community concerned citizens that uses WE WATCH APP to support our local law enforcement agencies.  By using the WE WATCH APP, we can provide immediate critical, often even live streaming, information to police forces around the world because we care.  We watch the activities surrounding our community.

The WE WATCH SYSTEM was designed and created to support the police and the people by allowing concerned citizens to take part in making their community a safe place to live.

The system is composed of two components, the WE WATCH APP and the MONITORING & RESPONSE CONSOLE (MRC), working together as one.

The WE WATCH APP lets its users, the members of the community, be witnesses by recording evidences of any unusual acts around them.  They can even live stream and broadcast the event to the world.

The WE WATCH MONITORING & RESPONSE CONSOLE (MRC) will be ideally located in the Dispatch Centers of the Police Headquarters and it sees and monitors all of the We Watch Apps.  It is web based, therefore, it can be accessed from any PC connected to the internet.

Training on the App takes minutes, training for the MRC takes about an hour!